Thursday, February 24, 2011

Real American Hero

I know everyone is probably sick of hearing about the NBA trade rumors, and Melo to the Knicks, but I am not! I love Melo always have, ever since I saw him JAM on people at the Prime Time Shootout. But there is one key component to the trade that EVERYONE is missing, except for us always stingy media professionals/ amateur like myself!
That key element was point guard Cauncey Billups, the Knicks needed him, and he will fill that role admirably, but what people don’t know is what Billups lost coming to New York, his family. Now I don’t mean loss as in; his wife divorced him, he no longer has a house or any of that, what I mean is he lost the ability to see his wife and three daughters. It’s a rarity in sports to see an athlete so distraught over leaving his family back in his hometown.
Billups grew up in the Denver area, and played his college basketball at Colorado University, but when he made it to the NBA he traveled a lot playing for: Toronto Raptors, Boston Celtics, Minnesota, Detroit, and up until recently the Denver Nuggets. When the Nugget acquired him, it was like a dream come true for him. He told his daughters that there will be no more of this switching schools, moving into different houses, and making new friends, this was their home for good. Obviously, he figured this would be the last place he’d play and retire where it all started for him, a true Hollywood story. That storybook ending is over, sadly.
Which leads me to why I am writing this entry; I read an article this morning about the pain Billups had felt since Tuesday night. It’s something that between the coverage of where Melo would end up (Knicks or Nets), how will the team gel together, how will Melo will perform his first time in the Garden as a Knick was: how does Chauncey Billups feel? The answer; horrible, and from reading the article Melo’s wife and kid being there through the whole day and night didn’t help.
But it is really refreshing to see professional athletes, who are under scrutiny wherever they go show real human emotion over his family. In a time where adultery, rape (accused and convicted), allegations against college’s for recruitment (Tennesse, Uconn, Auburn) to name a few. So when I read this article I immediately was choked up to see that athlete’s do have human emotions! (Which is obvious, but rarely seen).
After their first game ended in a 114-108 win over the Milwaukee Bucks, Chauncey was back to him old self, smiling and laughing. Saying, "Just to get out there on the floor it's good, it's our safe haven and it's where we let everything else go in the world. For the fans to embrace me and Carmelo the way they did, it just felt good." A total 180-degree turn from early that day. But this was great to hear from Chaunce (being a fan since he joined the Nuggets), even though no matter how unhappy he would be, he would still do his job, and that was to be the floor general for the new look Knicks. 
I would like to personally thank him for being a true family man, because in a country where 50% of first weddings end in divorce, we need people in the spot light 24/7 to set an example for the rest of the country. Thank you Chauncey, keep loving your wife, and kids because they’re the real miracle in life!

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